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Being born and raised in Canada it saddens me what is happening to the country I love! I once was a proud Canadian and never thought of leaving my country, however, this past three years has shown me that sadly, Canada is no longer the same country. If I could, I would leave and setup new roots elsewhere. Thank you Emily and family for sharing your adventures. God bless.

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I first visited Canada as a 9-year-old fourth grader. I came back and wrote a paper that ended saying, "though I am an American, my heart will always be in Canada." My excellent man teacher was a military vet. from the Korean War and a seminary student. He didn't like my conclusion and talked to me at length about it. Probably no surprise that my heart was being prepared to marry a Canadian (who I met in the US while skiing) and had our sons there, later returning to live many years in northern BC, Canada as you know. I've seen the changes and am sad. I do know many praying Canadians (and Americans wno pray for the govts. of both countries) and believe the pendulum will swing back again, hopefully fairly soon.

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Loved this interview.

Would love to read interviews with El Salvadorians about how they feel about their country, their hopes and anxieties.

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